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  • What Skills Will I Earn As A Jafad Nursing Graduate?
    • Participate in health promotion, disease prevention, and community education and wellness activities.
    • Utilize the knowledge gained from nursing and non-nursing disciplines to help patients navigate the health and wellness continuum.
    • Learn about diverse cultures in order to provide culturally sensitive care to a diverse array of clients.
    • Contribute to and improve the profession through excellent care delivery and by sharing knowledge and skills with your patients, colleagues, and professionals from different fields.
    • Apply information technology to health management and storage of protected health information.
    • Integrate appropriate ethical concepts and principles into practice, promote nursing ethics, and maintain a high level of professionalism in the discharge of nursing duties in different settings.
    • Utilize critical-thinking skills to improve the health outcomes of patients, families, and communities across the continuum of care.
    • Acquire leadership skills to enable you to lead and shape the future of care delivery in Nigeria and in any setting in the future.
    • Form collaborative relationships with physicians and other health care professionals to provide excellent, comprehensive and holistic care to Nigerian patients.
    • Be able to take on leadership roles in nursing and health care facilities.
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