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Jafad College of Nursing Science (JCNS)

At Jafad College of Nursing Science , our goal is to develop and sharpen your clinical and assessment skills to enable you to confront challenging nursing situations and to provide optimum care for patients at various stages of the health and wellness continuum.

To achieve these goals, you will be taught by expert nursing faculty with excellent track records, in state-of-the-art demonstration lab that is complemented with unique clinical exposures. At every stage of your education at Jafad College of Nursing Science , a faculty member will be dedicated to ensuring your success and enhancing your student experience. If you want that challenge and you are ready for a great learning experience, Jafad College of Nursing Science is definitely for you.

Jafad College of Nursing Science is a 3-year intensive nursing program designed for highly motivated students who are prepared to apply themselves to the rigor expected of the program. At Jafad College of Nursing Science , we are very conscious of our place in history. We are determined to continue to be a pacesetter in nursing education and nursing innovation in Nigeria. Jafad College of Nursing Science incorporates international contents into its curriculum. It is our belief that nursing is global in nature, and therefore global interaction is necessary for our students to gain expanded appreciation and insight about nursing experience outside the shore of our great country, build professionalism and acquire knowledge that will lead to collaboration on a global scale. What qualifies a prosthodontist to take on this role? After graduating from college and completing the regular four years of dental school, prosthodontists receive an additional three years of advanced training at a graduate program accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). Prosthodontists combine this specialized education with countless hours of clinical experience, and can bring their skills to bear on simple or complex restorations. They are one of the nine ADA-recognized dental specialties.

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