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Jafad College of Nursing Science offers a 3-year intensive basic nursing program, leading to the award of professional licensure as a registered nurse. Our school is located in the tranquil town of Oru-Ijebu, Ogun-State. Our location confers an advantage: the tranquility and friendly location of our campus will help your academic development during your studentship at Jafad. We pride ourselves on our devotion to diversity among our students, staff, and faculty. At Jafad College of Nursing Science , we attract Nigerians from different tribal, religious and social backgrounds. We promise you will receive quality education at Jafad. Our students and staff are treated with respect and protected from any form of abuse and intimidation.

Our campus is located on an expansive parcel of land. The educational sector in our beloved country is currently facing some challenges. Students and their parents, government, and business leaders, and the Nigerian people are hungry for higher education that will make a difference in the Nigerian nation. While many people see these as challenges, we at Jafad saw an opportunity to build on these challenges to provide excellent educational opportunities for Nigerians. We provide excellent infrastructure to support our students’ educational pursuits. We also provide adequate security for the lives and properties of members of Jafad community.

At Jafad College of Nursing Science , we plan to build formidable reputations in the following ways:

  • Be a pacesetter in research initiatives.
  • Produce graduates who are excellent professionals with impeccable characters.
  • Create an innovative technologically driven instructional model.
  • Forge international partnerships with reputable professionals across the globe.
  • Build a track record of success in nursing education.
  • Build a community of students, workers, and vendors that are happy about their relationship with our school.
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