Jafad School of Midwifery (JSM)


At Jafad School of Midwifery, our goal is to develop and sharpen your clinical and assessment skills to enable you to confront challenging problems of mother-baby health. In Nigeria today there is astronomically high infant and maternal mortality in comparison to the developed world. To combat the problems associated with labor and child delivery, systematic and coordinated approaches are needed. Intensive and sustained education of women and families is necessary, especially in the rural areas where health care delivery is largely unavailable. Disparities are profoundly seen in the rate of infant and maternal mortality and morbidity between African countries and western nations. The goal of Jafad Midwifery program is to help ameliorate the shortage of midwives in our rural and urban health care systems. To achieve this goal, our students are taught by expert Nursing/Midwifery faculty, with track record of excellence. Also, the learning experience is enhanced by state-of-the-art demonstration labs and clinical exposures. At every stage of your education at Jafad School of Midwifery, a faculty member will be dedicated to ensuring your success and enhancing your student experience throughout your education. If you want that challenge and are ready for a great learning experience, Jafad Midwifery is definitely for you.

Jafad Midwifery, as fondly called, is an intensive 1-year post-basic nursing program designed for highly motivated students who are prepared to apply themselves to the rigor expected of the program. Jafad Midwifery is different from any other Midwifery program in Nigeria. We are very conscious of our place in history: as the first private Midwifery school in Nigeria, we are determined to continue to be a pacesetter in Midwifery education and innovation in Nigeria. Jafad Midwifery incorporates international content into its curriculum. It is our belief that Midwifery is global in nature, thus, global interaction is necessary for our students to have an expanded appreciation of and insight into Midwifery experience outside the shore of our great country, build professionalism, and acquire knowledge that will lead to collaboration on a global scale. The goal of Jafad Midwifery is to make the process of childbearing and childrearing an enjoyable, safe, and memorable experience for patients and their families.